Korea and Indonesia marines vow to step up cooperation

Maj. Gen. Alfan Baharudin, commander of the Indonesian Marine Corps, on April 18 came to Korea at the invitation of his counterpart Lt. Gen. Lee Ho-yeon, commander of the Korean Marine Corps, to discuss strengthening military cooperation and deepening friendly relations between the two marine corps.

On April 18, Lt. Gen. Lee Ho-yeon, second right, commander of the Korean Marine Corps and Maj. Gen. Alfan Baharudin, commander of the Indonesian Marine Corps, review the honor guard. Provided by the Marine Corps
Source: MND, Republic of Korea

On the first day of his visit, commander Alfan Baharudin visited his counterpart Lt. Gen. Lee at the Marine Corps headquarters.

Shortly after a friendly talk, they discussed several issues between the two marines such as military instructor exchanges, Marine Corps doctrine development conferences, Marine Corps personnel exchange program and joint military training.

The Indonesian Marine Corps of a strength of 15,000 troops is made up of two marine forces, each commanded by a brigadier general, one independent brigade, commanded by a colonel, and smaller training and support units.

The two commanders also exchanged the information about each Marine Corps‘ organization and military exercises.

Afterward, on April 19 and 20, the Indonesian commander visited the 1st Marine Corps Division first and then the Education and Training Group both to watch a demonstration of operating the Korean Assault Amphibious Vehicle (KAAV) and to personally board the vehicle.

Afterward, he visited Samsung Techwin, a defense firm, to identify the excellence of Korean-manufactured defense arms.

The two countries’ marines have conducted cooperation in many ways since 2001 when a Pan-Pacific Marine Corps commandants’ conference was held.

In particular, the relationship between the two have been further cemented since 2009 when they signed an ‘Agreement on Delivering LVT7A1’s between the Republic of Korea and the Republic of Indonesia.’

According to the agreement, at that time, South Korea transferred 10 used amphibious landing craft of the LVT7A1 type to Indonesia.

Ministry of National Defense[MND], Republic of Korea