Korea and Australia deepens ties on defense logistics

S. Korean and Australian defense ministries had „the 2nd S. Korea-Australia logistics cooperation conference“ in Canberra, Australia on Feb. 21 to discuss ways to improve their mutual logistics cooperation.

Korean Army Maj. Gen. Cheon Dong-un, the director of the Ministry of Defense Logistics Management Department, and his counterpart Australian Air Force Maj. Gen. Margaret Staib had an in-depth discussion of the issue about the need to build and promote the database about whether the two countries can supply their ammunition to each other both in wartime and peacetime.

This was the second time after 2010 when the S. Korea-Australia Memorandum of Understanding on mutual logistics cooperation was concluded. In this meeting, the two generals had a time to understand each other’s logistics system and policy. They also exchanged opinions on ways to use their equipment and supplies in common and to improve the efficiency of their defense logistics management including equipment substantiality.

„This conference helped the two sides seek ways to enhance the efficiency of the management of military supplies and to promote the bilateral logistics cooperation,“ a Korean Defence official said.

Ministry of National Defense[MND], Republic of Korea