Korea – Airborne Copter of a Quiet Hissing Sound, to Wipe out the Enemy in a Flash

The reconnaissance battalion under the 2nd Marine Division conducted a military drill to maximize air-to-ground infiltration operations capabilities with helicopters and deep operations ability in an enemy area for two days from Jan. 18.

Reconnaissance troops under the 2nd Division of the Marine Corps conduct helicopter rappel drill on Jan. 20 to improve their capability for performing not only air-to-ground infiltration missions in the operational area, but deep operations in the enemy area.
By Park Heung-bae
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The drill was focused on improving the capability to be able to conduct an air infiltration mission with helicopters in the deep enemy area. The exercise also included a reconnaissance activity whose main purpose was to comb and sweep the hidden enemy in the operation area.

The drill began with the reconnaissance soldiers’ boarding the helicopter to mobilize immediately. The trainees had received the information that the suspicious-looking people were discovered in the planned operations space. In order to scour the hidden enemies in the planned operations area, the searchers were quickly carried by helicopter there, and infiltrated down there by fast roping and rappelling. Through the reconnaissance training, the soldiers acquired how to search the hidden enemies, keep the formation in order, deal with the discovered enemies, shoot guns, and exhibit a hand signal.

During the three-day drill, the battalion soldiers acquired perfectly various air infiltration skills, such as the procedure of boarding helicopters, fast roping, and front-door, back-door, reversely rappelling, through the intensive training. What was specially noteworthy in the training was the trainees’ increased self-confidence that a war must be won at any cost. That self-confidence came to be built up by skilling up tactics and techniques, and developing militant cast of mind.

The battalion also is slated to conduct a drill in cold snowing weather in a winter training camp for five weeks from Jan. 31 to Mar. 2 in Pyeongchang, Gangwon. Soldiers participating in the training, through maneuvers in a snowing field, a long march in full gear, and so on, are going to maximize their capability to conduct winter operations and survive a harsh situation.

Ministry of National Defense, Republic of Korea

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