Korea – Air defence artillery command operates mission capability improvement program

Over four months from November 2011 to February 2012, the Korean Air Force Air Defence Artillery Command finished implementing a four-step operations capability improvement program to take the stage of „no problems with operations capability“ to that of „role performance as an instructor for combatants.“

Warrant officers listen to an explanation of a Hawk missile as part of the Mission Capability Improvement Program for Operations Warrant Officers implemented by the Korean Air Force Air Defence Artillery Command. Provided by the command
Source: MND, Republic of Korea

The operations warrant officers are considered to be the core personnel in performing air defense mission because they are charged with supervising the artillerymen and maintaining the equipment. The command conducted this educational program because they judged that improving the warrant officers‘ overall capability can be directly related to reinforcing air defence capability.

The four-step educational program was performed in sequence of diagnosing, instructing, evaluating, and giving feedback.

The Air Defense Command made a trip to its subordinate units one after another to make a spot check on them, and then, based on the outcome of the inspection, provide them with instruction, along with evaluation, on numerous fields such as how to train team members, tactical effectiveness evaluation, and checking equipment.

Furthermore, the command had a time to feed the results of the instruction back to each unit through „a workshop for mission capability improvement“ in the presence of the evaluators from the command and its brigades and all of the warrant officers of the Command.

„Taking this program as a good opportunity to examine and analyse our mission capability, we will do our best to help fill a gap in air defense operations capabilities,“ said Warrant Officer Choi Dae-yong, who participated in the program.

Ministry of National Defense[MND], Republic of Korea