Korea – Air Defence Artillery Command conducts Hawk missile deployment exercise to build a new stronghold

The elementary-level trainees of the Air Defense Artillery School carried out a medium-range surface-to-air guided weapon Hawk missile deployment exercise on Mar. 20 to 21 to further strengthen the wartime missions capabilities.

The 30th Air Defense Artillery School’s trainees of elementary level load and unload on Mar. 20 to 21 the missiles to build a new stronghold during a Hawk missile deployment exercise. Provided by the unit
Source: MND, Republic of Korea

This exercise conducted by more than 140 strength from a fire control company and other units began with loading trucks with as much equipment as 20 one-ton trucks in a sixty-minute limit. Arriving at the training ground, they assembled a guided missile and issued stored materials to refine the basics necessary to deploy a Hawk missile stronghold. They also underwent a surveillance and reconnaissance drill to deploy to a new stronghold.

After deploying to a new position, the trainees conducted an air defense exercise, by countering an assumed enemy aircraft moving toward friendly positions, and a base defense drill to be able to establish operational readiness and receive actual fight training.

“We had our recruits receive a realistic training to implement maximum fighting power,” said Col. Hwang In-woo, superintendent of the Air Defense Artillery School. “We will do our best to foster our recruits as elite air defense artillery combatant soldiers so that they can counter decisively and powerfully any enemy provocations.”

Ministry of National Defense[MND], Republic of Korea