Israel Aerospace Industries Awarded a $150 Million Contract for Supplying Fighter Aircraft Fire Control Radars

Feb 9, 2012

ELM- 2032 Airborne Fire Control Radar installed on a fighter aircraft

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI)’s ELTA Systems will provide fire control radars for installation on a foreign customer’s fighter aircraft. After an evaluation process of several possible solutions, the customer has selected the ELM-2032 of ELTA Systems Ltd., IAI’s group and subsidiary, and awarded IAI a $150 Million contract.

The modern ELM-2032 radar system implements advanced technologies that greatly enhance surveillance and fire control capabilities in air-to-air, air-to-ground and air-to-sea operation modes. The ELM-2032 is critical to the fighter aircraft’s weapon system effectiveness and accuracy. It detects and tracks maneuvering targets while employing advanced techniques to lock on the target.

The light-weight compact radar was developed while implementing operational feedback of fighter pilots. The ELM-2032 sets very high performance standards with a competitive attractive price. Modular hardware design, software control and flexible avionic interface ensure that the radar can be installed in different fighter aircraft (such as F-5, Mirage, F-4, Mig 21, etc.) and can be customized to meet specific user requirements.

An Elta executive said: "ELTA provides its customers highly advanced radar systems for different applications. This specific radar was designed by pilots for pilots. The new contract is an indication of ELTA’s status as a world leading radar systems manufacturer".

ELTA Systems Ltd., a Group and wholly-owned subsidiary of IAI, is one of Israel’s leading defense electronics companies and a leader in Intelligence, Surveillance, Target Acquisition and Reconnaissance (ISTAR), Early-Warning Command & Control, Home-Land Security, Self-Protection and Self-Defense, and Fire-Control applications on board both manned and unmanned aircraft.

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