Irak – Forces Detain Insurgent Leaders in Iraq

WASHINGTON, April 5, 2010 – Iraqi security forces arrested eight alleged members of al-Qaida in Iraq in recent combined operations with American military advisors throughout central and northern Iraq, military officials reported. In western Baghdad today, Iraqi forces with their U.S. advisors arrested an alleged associate member of al-Qaida in Iraq. The suspect is believed to be „intimately involved“ in planning and executing „high-profile attacks“ in the area, officials said. He was not the operation’s planned target, but information found during the searches linked him to the al-Qaida in Iraq leader, officials said.

In operations yesterday, seven alleged al-Qaida in Iraq operatives were arrested:

— Near Kirkuk, Iraqi forces and their U.S. advisors captured a suspected al-Qaida in Iraq leader and four criminal accomplices who are believed to be responsible for coordinating multiple bombings on Iraqi forces in the region.

— In western Baghdad, Iraqi forces detained an individual suspected to be connected to an al-Qaida in Iraq financier who is believed to be a significant contributor to vehicle bombings against Iraqi forces.

— Another individual with alleged ties to an al-Qaida in Iraq leader was arrested near Mosul during a search for an al-Qaida in Iraq leader believed to be involved in bombing attacks on local security forces. Information founding during the searches linked the detained individual to the al-Qaida in Iraq leader.

Each operation was conducted pursuant to a court warrant, officials said.

(Compiled from U.S. Forces Iraq news releases.)

U.S. Department of Defense
Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense (Public Affairs)