Insurgent Commander captured in Shah Wali Kot operation

The Afghan Police Provincial Response Company – Uruzgan and Special Operations Task Group have continued their recent operational successes, detaining another key insurgent commander.

The insurgent commander was detained during a partnered operation in the Shah Wali Kot area of Northern Kandahar on the 29th of July.

A highly skilled bomb maker and distributor of improvised explosive device components, it is believed the insurgent commander was also involved in the illicit drugs trade in the region.

The commander of Australian Defence Force personnel deployed in the Middle East, Major General Angus Campbell said the continued pressure against the insurgency and constant removal of insurgent leaders was degrading the insurgency’s operations in and around Uruzgan.

“These targeted operations are opening a noticeable void in the insurgent command structure and continue to deny insurgent’s sanctuary in southern Afghanistan,” Major General Campbell said.

Thirteen insurgent commanders have been detained or killed during deliberate operations over the past three months.

The insurgent commander, who posed a serious threat to coalition forces and the security of the local population, has been transferred to the Detention Facility in Parwan in accordance with Australia’s detainee management framework.

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