India — Talwar Class Frigate Undergoes Sea Trials To Join navy

A Tal­war-class frigate being built for the Indi­an Navy at the Yan­tar Ship­yard in Russia’s Kalin­ingrad exclave depart­ed Thurs­day for sea tri­als.

Tal­war-class frigate
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The Tarkash is the sec­ond in a series of three frigates built under a $1.6‑billion con­tract with India.

The first frigate, the Teg, was deliv­ered to India in April 2012, while the third, the Trikand, is still under con­struc­tion.

“The war­ship sailed from Kalin­ingrad to Baltiysk on Thurs­day. The first stage of sea tri­als is sched­uled to start at the end of May,” Yan­tar spokesman Sergei Mikhailov said.

The spokesman said the frigate would be ready for deliv­ery to the Indi­an Navy in Octo­ber.

The new frigates are each armed with eight Brah­Mos super­son­ic cruise mis­siles.

They are also equipped with a 100-mm gun, a Shtil sur­face-to-air mis­sile sys­tem, two Kash­tan air-defence gun or mis­sile sys­tems, two twin 533-mm tor­pe­do launch­ers and an anti-sub­ma­rine war­fare heli­copter.

Rus­sia has pre­vi­ous­ly built three Tal­war class frigates for India — the INS Tal­war, INS Trishul and INS Tabar.


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