India — Stealth Warship ‘INS Teg’ Touches Indian Shores

The west­ern fleet of the Indi­an Navy today received a major boost to it’s com­bat pow­er with the induc­tion of the stealth frigate ‘INS Teg’.

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INS Teg (F45) is the fourth Tal­war-class frigate con­struct­ed for the Indi­an Navy. She was built by the Yan­tar ship­yard in Kalin­ingrad, Rus­sia, and was com­mis­sioned on 27 April 2012. She is the first of the sec­ond batch of Tal­war-class frigates to be com­plet­ed.

The war­ship will have a crew of 24 offi­cers and 229 sailors. The ship’s crew had depart­ed from Mum­bai in Decem­ber 2011 for com­pre­hen­sive train­ing in Rus­sia.

Teg belongs to the Tal­war class of stealth frigates. The Tal­war class guid­ed mis­sile frigates are mod­i­fied Kri­vak III class frigates built by Rus­sia. These ships use stealth tech­nolo­gies and a spe­cial hull design to ensure a reduced radar cross sec­tion. Much of the equip­ment on the ship is Russ­ian-made, but a sig­nif­i­cant num­ber of sys­tems of Indi­an ori­gin have also been incor­po­rat­ed. The main dif­fer­ence between INS Teg and the ear­li­er Tal­war-class ships is the use of Brah­Mos mis­siles in place of the Klub‑N mis­siles in the ear­li­er ships.


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