India sends humanitarian aid to Kyrgyzstan

India has been fol­low­ing close­ly recent inter­nal devel­op­ments in Kyr­gyzs­tan, a friend­ly Cen­tral Asian coun­try in our extend­ed neigh­bor­hood. While calm has returned to South­ern Kyr­gyzs­tan after the unfor­tu­nate inci­dents of vio­lence in mid June, the events, how­ev­er, left thou­sands in need of urgent human­i­tar­i­an assis­tance.

Source: Indi­an Air Force
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In response to the appeal by the Kyr­gyz Gov­ern­ment, the Gov­ern­ment of India decid­ed to pro­vide urgent human­i­tar­i­an aid to the friend­ly peo­ple of the Kyr­gyz Repub­lic, in this hour of need. The assis­tance com­pris­es main­ly food items, med­i­cines and tents.

The first of the two IL-76 air­craft left for Osh in Kyr­gyzs­tan from New Del­hi today. The aid will be deliv­ered to the Min­istry of Emer­gency Sit­u­a­tion of Kyr­gyzs­tan Repub­lic of Osh, through Indi­an Embassy in Kyr­gyzs­tan. The sec­ond IL-76 is sched­uled to depart on July 8.

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