India – Plan To Equip Agni-V With Multiple Warheads

India’s most powerful missile which has a strike range of over 5,000 kms, is all set to get deadlier with plans from the DRDO to equip it with multiple warheads.


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The organisation said that it will take time for them to develop multiple warheads for the missile but it will surely be done.

The technology is called ‚Multiple Independently Targeted Re-entry Vehicle‘ (MIRV) which means the missile would be capable of carrying multiple warheads to destroy several targets.

The MIVR will act as a ‚force multiplier‘ on the Agni-V given the damage potential of such technology.

Such a capability exists only with a select few countries such as the US, Russia and China.

The Agni-V is definitely a game changer missile. It has taken India’s missile technology to the highest level and matches with the best missile in the world.

MIRV missiles are equipped with small on-board rocket motors and computerised inertial guidance system which manoeuvres warheads to several different trajectories.

The government of India has not given the go ahead to develop missiles with 8000 km or even longer range, but if ordered to do so, the DRDO chief said that it can be done.

The successful test flight of Agni-V missile has given India all the necessary capability to design and develop missiles of longer ranges as well.


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