India Orders Army Back From Forward Bases

India is likely to drastically reduce the number of troops from wartime positions on the border with Pakistan where they were deployed immediately after the Mumbai Attacks.


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India and Pakistan have reached an understanding to withdraw troops from forward bases during President Asif Ali Zardari’s visit to New Delhi on April 8. The withdrawal of the army to peacetime positions is one of the many initiatives taken by both sides to reduce tensions and talk forward the bilateral process and give peace a chance.

A formal announcement about the withdrawal is likely when the Indian Prime Minister visits Islamabad, possibly during the latter half of this year.

The Indian govt. had mobilised thousands of troops to forward positions immediately after the Mumbai Attacks where relations between the two nuclear armed neighbours had gone for a dive.

In a wartime scenario, the regular army starts manning the border instead of special forces meant for protecting boundaries. India has the Border Security Force and Pakistan has Rangers for this purpose.

The move will help Pakistan deploy more troops in the northern region where the Pakistani Army is fighting Islamic terrorist organisations and the Taliban. There is immense international pressure on Pakistan to fight and exterminate the menace of terrorist from it’s soil.

Pakistan is also in favour of de-militarising the world’s highest battle field, the Siachen glacier & Sir Creek where recently 139 Pakistani soldiers died due to an avalanche. India however maintains that Pakistan should agree to current standing positions and move back with a solid demarcation.

India and Pakistan spend thousand of crores every year to maintain troops on the world’s highest battle field. India with a booming economy has no problem in maintaining troops at Siachen but Pakistan’s bleeding economy is in no shape to sustain the constant expenditure.


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