India – LCA Completes Successful Bombing Runs

India’s much awaited Light Combat Aircraft (LCA) has completed precision bombing runs in the desert of Rajasthan.


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The bombing runs were a part of a campaign for the second phase of initial operational clearance (IOC-2) and final operational clearance (FOC). The weaponised LCA has been bombing targets for the past two days at the Pokhran firing ranges.

The bombing runs were conducted by not one but three LCA aircrafts. LSPs 2, 3 and 5 deployed a series of weapons, including laser-guided 1000-lbs bombs and unguided bombs. The LCA has conducted similar bombing runs last year in the month of September at Pokhran.

LSPs 2 and 5 were fielded again this year, but LSP4 used last year was replaced with LSP3 for this year’s tests. Overseas trails of the weaponised LCA will commence soon. The LCA will also shortly be prepared to fire a BVR missile which will be either the Rafael Derby or the Vympel R-77.


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