India — LCA Completes Successful Bombing Runs

India’s much await­ed Light Com­bat Air­craft (LCA) has com­plet­ed pre­ci­sion bomb­ing runs in the desert of Rajasthan.

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The bomb­ing runs were a part of a cam­paign for the sec­ond phase of ini­tial oper­a­tional clear­ance (IOC‑2) and final oper­a­tional clear­ance (FOC). The weaponised LCA has been bomb­ing tar­gets for the past two days at the Pokhran fir­ing ranges.

The bomb­ing runs were con­duct­ed by not one but three LCA air­crafts. LSPs 2, 3 and 5 deployed a series of weapons, includ­ing laser-guid­ed 1000-lbs bombs and unguid­ed bombs. The LCA has con­duct­ed sim­i­lar bomb­ing runs last year in the month of Sep­tem­ber at Pokhran.

LSPs 2 and 5 were field­ed again this year, but LSP4 used last year was replaced with LSP3 for this year’s tests. Over­seas trails of the weaponised LCA will com­mence soon. The LCA will also short­ly be pre­pared to fire a BVR mis­sile which will be either the Rafael Der­by or the Vym­pel R‑77.


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