India — Hypersonic Cruise Missile To Be Ready By 2017

The much talked about hyper­son­ic cruise mis­sile which will fly at five to sev­en times the speed of sound will become a real­i­ty by the year 2017. The project is being joint­ly devel­oped by India and Rus­sia.

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The hyper­son­ic cruise mis­sile will be an advance ver­sion of the already state-of-the-art Brah­mos mis­sile which is active in both the Indi­an and Russ­ian armed forces. The new mis­sile will be ready by 2017 and will give India and Rus­sia the capa­bil­i­ty for a prompt glob­al strike. 

In the next 5 years, the mis­sile will be ful­ly func­tion­al and sci­en­tists have already con­duct­ed lab tests at the speed of 6.5 Mach. 

India and Rus­sia are chal­leng­ing the US in hyper­son­ic mis­sile tech­nol­o­gy which the US claims that it has already suc­cess­ful­ly test­ed a mis­sile that trav­els five times the speed of sound. 

The advance Indo-Russ­ian hyper­son­ic mis­sile will be able to deliv­er a bomb any­where in the world with­in an hour. The new mis­sile will be deliv­ered only to India and Russia. 

The joint­ly devel­oped Brah­mos mis­sile has a range of 290 kms and can car­ry a con­ven­tion­al war­head of upto 300 kg. It can effec­tive­ly engage tar­gets as low as 10 meters and can trav­el at the speed of 2.8 Mach. The Brah­mos mis­sile is way faster than the US Tom­a­hawk cruise mis­sile and is vir­tu­al­ly indestructible. 

Sea and ground based mis­siles of the Brah­mos have already been test­ed many times and are in active duty with the Indi­an army and the Indi­an navy. The air force ver­sion of the Brah­mos mis­sile will be test­ed some­time in 2012. India’s front line air dom­i­nance Su-30 MKI air­craft will be soon armed with the Brah­mos super­son­ic cruise missile. 


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