India – Higher Callibre Artillery Gun To Be Ready By 2013

This was the detail given by the Ministry of Defence regarding the indigenous artillery manufacturing programme.


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As per the Defence Acquisition Council decision of October 2011, Ordnance Factory Board (OFB) is to manufacture 155mm Howitzers as per the details given below:-

(i) Manufacturing of two prototypes of 155mm/39 calibre FH 77 B02 and two prototypes of upgraded 155mm/45 calibre Howitzer Gun.
(ii) Also simultaneously carryout electronic and mechanical upgrade (to 45mm calibre) on one ‚in service‘ 155mm/39 calibre gun separately.

The time lines for OFB to offer indigenous Howitzers for trials are as follows:-

(iii) Two prototypes of 155mm/39 calibre guns by December 2012.
(iv) Two prototypes of 155mm/45 calibre guns by June 2013.

The Technology Transfer Agreement with Swedish company allows this provision.

The Government of India had entered into License Agreement with M/s AB Bofors, Sweden for indigenous manufacture of 155mm/39 calibre FH 77 B02 Gun and Ammunition along with the procurement of 155mm/39 calibre FH77 B02 for the Indian Army.


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