India Developing Unmanned Stealth Bomber ‘IUSAV

India has been secret­ly devel­op­ing its own unmanned stealth bomber which is offi­cial­ly des­ig­nat­ed as the Indi­an Unmanned Strike Air Vehi­cle (IUSAV).

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Devel­op­ment of IUSAV would give India an entry to an exclu­sive club of coun­tries which are engaged in build­ing unmanned stealth bomber air­craft. The Indi­an IUSAV will be high­ly intel­li­gent, autonomous and built to kill. 

This stealth bomber is being designed to fly dis­creet­ly over ene­my ter­ri­to­ry, pick up high val­ue tar­gets and unleash hell from above. The futur­is­tic stealth bomber draws inspi­ra­tion from the Amer­i­can B‑2 Spir­it stealth bomber. Such sim­i­lar projects are cur­rent­ly being pur­sued in the Unit­ed States and Europe. A spe­cialised Indi­an team at aero­space lab­o­ra­to­ries across the coun­try, led by a secret core team in Ban­ga­lore is head­ing the IUSAV project. 

The gov­ern­ment of India has offi­cial­ly acknowl­edged the IUSAV project but has been silent about its details as it is not only ambi­tious but also more con­tro­ver­sial than any­thing that India has ever attempted. 

The sci­en­tists build­ing the bomber plan to begin flight tests in three years and hope to deliv­er a ful­ly oper­a­tional plat­form by 2020. 

The IUSAV would be con­trolled from a remote sta­tion by a ground crew just like any oth­er UAV. The bombers most potent weapon would be it’s inher­ent invis­i­bil­i­ty to ene­my radar. 

Its unique shape will be built using radar absorbent mate­ri­als and paint, that would con­tribute to low vis­i­bil­i­ty and stealth. The bomber will be able to fly deep into ene­my air­space and back with­out being detect­ed. The bomber would be armed with pre­ci­sion guid­ed muni­tions that would be deployed to destroy locked targets. 

The IUSAV project might be phe­nom­e­nal­ly com­plex, but its mis­sion pro­file is fair­ly straight­for­ward. In a war time sce­nario the IUSAV would be expect­ed to con­duct bomb­ing runs into any part of Pak­istan and Chi­na and fly back to Indi­an soil with­out a scratch. 

The IUSAV is cur­rent­ly only a con­cept. Sim­i­lar air­crafts like the Euro­pean Neu­ron and Boe­ing Phan­tom Ray are already in flight test. Chi­na too is known to have two par­al­lel stealth bomber projects on. 

The only oper­a­tional fly­ing wing bomber in the world today is the icon­ic Amer­i­can B‑2 Spir­it stealth bomber. The air­craft has been used to dev­as­tate Iraq, Afghanistan and the Bosnia dur­ing wars. 

There’s every hope now that the Indi­an aero­space estab­lish­ment has not aimed too high with the IUSAV and would deliv­er on time. 


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