India – C-130 Hercules Aircraft Carry Out Formation Flying

Six newly inducted C-130 planes in the IAF recently carried out flying formations to sharpen their troop lifting & special operations ability during combat.

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The ‚Veiled Vipers Squadron‘ is what the C-130 fleet is called. They took off early morning from Hindon airbase and performed a formation flying for an hour.

The formation was lining up the aircrafts one after the other in close proximity and it is called the ‚Viper formation‘. The C-130J is a medium lift tactical transport aircraft capable of flying low levels undetected and landing at assault strips.

Since its induction the squadron has performed several drills and operations and the one conducted yesterday was just another exercise to remain sharp.

The aircraft has also undertaken non-stop and longest sorties from its home base to Andaman and Nicobar islands as part of its drills to insert Special Forces during an emergency.

The C-130 can take off and land even when it is pitch dark. The IAF is planning to base another squadron of the C-130J in West Bengal.


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