India — C‑130 Hercules Aircraft Carry Out Formation Flying

Six new­ly induct­ed C‑130 planes in the IAF recent­ly car­ried out fly­ing for­ma­tions to sharp­en their troop lift­ing & spe­cial oper­a­tions abil­i­ty dur­ing com­bat.

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The ‘Veiled Vipers Squadron’ is what the C‑130 fleet is called. They took off ear­ly morn­ing from Hin­don air­base and per­formed a for­ma­tion fly­ing for an hour.

The for­ma­tion was lin­ing up the air­crafts one after the oth­er in close prox­im­i­ty and it is called the ‘Viper for­ma­tion’. The C‑130J is a medi­um lift tac­ti­cal trans­port air­craft capa­ble of fly­ing low lev­els unde­tect­ed and land­ing at assault strips.

Since its induc­tion the squadron has per­formed sev­er­al drills and oper­a­tions and the one con­duct­ed yes­ter­day was just anoth­er exer­cise to remain sharp.

The air­craft has also under­tak­en non-stop and longest sor­ties from its home base to Andaman and Nico­bar islands as part of its drills to insert Spe­cial Forces dur­ing an emer­gency.

The C‑130 can take off and land even when it is pitch dark. The IAF is plan­ning to base anoth­er squadron of the C‑130J in West Ben­gal.


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