India — Barrackpore Airbase Inducts Helicopter Unit

Bar­rack­pore Air Force Sta­tion is an Indi­an Air Force base locat­ed at Bar­rack­pore in the state of West Ben­gal, India. Bar­rack­pore is one of the old­est sta­tions in the IAF, oper­at­ing trans­port units.

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The base has got a new heli­copter unit com­pris­ing the mul­ti­pur­pose Mi-17 V5 heli­copters which are the lat­est acqui­si­tion of the Indi­an Air Force. The heli­copter unit has just been raised at the Bar­rack­pore air­base. The first heli­copter will be induct­ed today by Air Mar­shal S Varthaman, AOC-in‑C, East­ern Air Com­mand.

The new­ly induct­ed Mi-17 V5 chop­pers by the IAF have more pow­er­ful engines and larg­er fuel capac­i­ty than their pre­de­ces­sors and are extreme­ly ver­sa­tile for car­ry­ing out both mil­i­tary and civ­il oper­a­tions. The new heli­copters will be able to oper­ate in high alti­tudes areas. It will serv­er as an air bridge to remote and inhos­pitable ter­rain in the North East. The chop­pers have all weath­er colour radar that allows it to oper­ate in bad weath­er con­di­tions. It is also installed with Gen­er­a­tion-III night vision gog­gles capa­bil­i­ty that enable spe­cial oper­a­tions. Apart from search and res­cue oper­a­tions on land and sea, the chop­pers may also be used by cen­tral police forces.

The heli­copters can also be armed with dead­ly fire pow­er and they fall in the cat­e­go­ry of an armed attack heli­copter. One of it’s most inter­est­ing fea­tures of the heli­copter is the Bam­bi buck­et fire-fight­ing sys­tem. It com­pris­es a large buck­et sus­pend­ed below the air­craft that can pick up three and a half tonnes of water from any reser­voir and drop it over a fire. This fea­ture is wide­ly used in the west­ern world to fight for­est fires.


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