India – Arjun Mk-II Gets Ready To Compete Russian T-90 Tank

A prototype of the improved main Arjun Mk-II battle tank is now fully ready for field shooting tests.

main Arjun Mk-II battle tank

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The field trials are stated to be carried out at the Pokhran firing range in the state of Rajastan. The Indian army will commence testing on the 1st of June 2012.

The declaration of the testing of the Arjun Mk-II prototype comes a few weeks after Russia presented an improved version of the T-90 tank at the Defexpo 2012 exhibition in New Delhi. The timing is no coincidence and DRDO is aggressively building a tank that can outclass one of the best tanks in the world. Russia has done everything to prove that it’s T-90 surpasses the Arjun in all respects and DRDO is clearly not in a mood to accept that.

According to India’s DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation), a comparison of the T-90’s latest version with the Arjun Mk-I in 2010 showed that the former was inferior in a number of areas.

There is a clear-cut correspondence: every order the Arjun loses directly benefits the T-90 and vice versa. This will set the stage for the tests of the Arjun Mk-II, which is why the interested parties will pay very close attention to both the Arjun Mk-II and the T-90s.

The Indian Army’s decision to purchase these sophisticated tanks in large numbers will depend on the overall comparative analysis. The Indian military plans to buy 124 Mk-II units in the initial stage, if the tests go smoothly.


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