India All Set To Complete Nuclear Triad

India will be one of the select group of nations that possess a nuclear triad for it’s credible and invulnerable nuclear weapons stockpile.


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India will soon attain the capability for a retaliatory nuclear strike from under sea.

India already has the capability to fire nuclear weapons from land and air. The capability to attack from sea will soon be attained with secret test runs being conducted on the newly inducted nuclear submarines, INS Arihant and INS Chakra.

In the next decade, Asia will house three of the four largest economies of the world and India is surely a part of it. India needs to match it’s military with it’s ever growing economic clout so as to deter any aggression on the nation.

India’s destiny lies in the sea and securing the maritime boundaries of India is the Indian Navy’s primary role. In recent years the Indian Navy has grown exponentially as a force to reckon with. With the induction of new aircraft carriers, stealth destroyers and frigates, support ships and a variety of offensive and defensive aerial assets, the Indian navy is steadily becoming the only blue water navy in Asia.

Out of the 47 ships and submarines presently on order by the Indian Navy, 44 vessels are being constructed at Indian shipyards. The orders have been placed in such a manner that the Indian Navy over the next five years will induct an average of 5 naval platforms per year.

Recently a stealth frigate, INS Sahyadri was fully inducted into the force. This was the third of the Shivalik Class stealth frigates being produced indigenously by the Mazagon Dockyards Limited (Mumbai).

India’s Aircraft Carrier programme has been planned to be a continuous process over the next 10 years which will thus allow the Navy to operate a minimum of two fully operational combat-worthy aircraft carriers at any given point of time.


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