India — Akash Missiles Successfully Destroy Aerial Targets

Two Akash mis­siles fly­ing at super­son­ic speed destroyed fast-mov­ing aer­i­al tar­gets over the Bay of Ben­gal on Fri­day. They were fired in quick suc­ces­sion from the Inte­grat­ed Test Range at Chandipur, off the Odisha coast, on Fri­day.

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The Akash mis­siles were fired from mobile launch­ers and the test was a part of the post-induc­tion val­i­da­tion tri­als by the Indi­an Air Force. The mis­sile suc­cess­ful­ly hit two fast-mov­ing bod­ies of the Pilot­less Tar­get Air­craft Lak­shya. All the mis­sion events, includ­ing the end-game war­head det­o­na­tion in prox­im­i­ty mode, were suc­cess­ful­ly demonstrated. 

The mis­siles were ran­dom­ly select­ed from the pro­duc­tion lot and launched in a gap of 10 min­utes of each oth­er. It flew at 2.5 Mach and suc­cess­ful­ly inter­cept­ed the tar­gets that moved at 160 metres a second. 

The first mis­sile inter­cept­ed an in-bound tar­get in a 23-km range after Lak­shya reached an alti­tude of 2.5 km; the sec­ond was a “cross­ing tar­get,” which was inter­cept­ed in a 17-km range and at an alti­tude of 2.5 km. 

“All the mis­sion objec­tives were met,” the sources said. 

Except fir­ing, every oper­a­tion was auto­mat­ed, with the ground sys­tems and the mis­siles hav­ing worked in uni­son. The flight con­trol radar per­formed with high accu­ra­cy and con­sis­tent guidance. 

Akash mis­sile sys­tems were devel­oped by the DRDO as part of the Inte­grat­ed Guid­ed Mis­sile Devel­op­ment Pro­gramme and has been ful­ly induct­ed into the Indi­an Army and the Air Force. The mis­sile is pow­ered by a ram­jet rock propul­sion sys­tem and has a 25–30-km strike range. The mis­sile is also sup­port­ed by the Rajen­dra radar sys­tem, which can simul­ta­ne­ous­ly track 64 targets. 

The sys­tem can launch eight mis­siles simul­ta­ne­ous­ly on four dif­fer­ent tar­gets. The Akash mis­sile is high­ly manoeu­vrable and is capa­ble of zero­ing in on any fight­er air­craft, in both approach and reced­ing modes. It can car­ry a 60-kg con­ven­tion­al war­head which will auto-explode on close prox­im­i­ty. Each air defence sys­tem com­pris­es the mis­sile, the launch­er, the ground sys­tem and the radar. 


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