India — Air Combat Capability of Navy

The com­bat capa­bil­i­ty of Sea Har­ri­ers has been enhanced through a midlife upgrade. Ade­quate stocks of arms and ammu­ni­tion exist forthe exist­ing air­craft car­ri­er. Fif­teen new MiG 29K fight­er air­craft have been induct­ed for car­ri­er borne oper­a­tions. These air­craft will oper­ate from INS Vikra­ma­ditya, which is planned for induc­tion in Decem­ber 2012. Con­tract has been con­clud­ed for acqui­si­tion of addi­tion­al 29 MiG 29K fight­er air­craft to strength­en the air com­bat capa­bil­i­ty of the Navy.

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This infor­ma­tion was giv­en by Min­is­ter of Defence Shri A K Antony in a writ­ten reply to Shri Purn­masi Ram in Lok Sab­ha today.

Press Infor­ma­tion Bureau, Gov­ern­ment of India