India – Agni-VI In The Making – 10000 km Range ICBM

India is capable of comfortably developing missiles that can hit targets located at more than 10,000 km away. The country’s defence establishment is now gearing up to go for the maiden development trial of Agni-VI missile within next two years notwithstanding international reactions and pressures.

Agni ICBM missiles will have a strike range of 8,000 km to 10,000 km

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The next generation of the Agni ICBM missiles will have a strike range of 8,000 km to 10,000 km. The drawing and designing work of the Agni-VI has already started.

„It will be a three-stage missile and taller than the Agni-V. The design is just taking shape and other sub systems are under development. If everything goes as per the programme, the missile will be ready by mid 2014,“ said the source.

The DRDO has already crossed the ‚threshold‘ of making a system with longer capability and developing it’s sub-systems, thus making a longer version of Agni-V would be easier.

The Agni-V can also double up as a satellite launcher for hurling small-sized spacecraft into the space.

The Agni-VI is said to be the latest and most advanced version among the Agni series of missiles. It will have the capability to be launched from submarine and from land-based launchers. The DRDO is also working on integrating Agni-V with submarine.

Apart from the Agni-VI’s ground version, the DRDO is also simultaneously working out for its underground variant. The submarine launched version of the missile will arm the Arihant class submarines of the Indian Navy. This missile with a strike range of 6,000 kilometers can carry a payload of one tonne.

India is seriously contemplating to enhance the reach of it’s strategic missiles.


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