Hundreds More Thermal Imagers Slated for U.S. Army

AUSTIN, Texas —The U.S. Army will receive hun­dreds more BAE Sys­tems’ ther­mal imagers that allow sol­diers to detect and iden­ti­fy ene­my tar­gets while remain­ing pro­tect­ed inside their vehi­cles, the com­pa­ny announced today.

BAE Sys­tems’ TIM 1500™ is an advanced, uncooled ther­mal imager

For near­ly a decade, BAE Sys­tems’ TIM 1500™ has pro­vid­ed ther­mal imag­ing tech­nol­o­gy for U.S. troops dur­ing oper­a­tions in Iraq and Afghanistan. This lat­est $13 mil­lion order from the U.S. Army sup­ports the Com­mon Remote­ly Oper­at­ed Weapon Sta­tion and Stryk­er pro­grams.

“For the warfight­er, the TIM 1500 sys­tem pro­vides a crit­i­cal tool for mis­sion suc­cess in less-than-ide­al con­di­tions, either day or night,” said George Bartlett, pro­gram man­ag­er. “For the gov­ern­ment, we are pro­vid­ing a proven and afford­able solu­tion for our mil­i­tary in a time of shrink­ing bud­gets.”

The bat­tle-proven TIM 1500 pro­vides warfight­ers an extend­ed range capa­bil­i­ty for tar­get acqui­si­tion, long-range sur­veil­lance, and sit­u­a­tion­al aware­ness. The uncooled ther­mal imager is remote­ly con­trolled and designed for vehi­cle-mount­ed plat­forms for light- and medi­um-cal­iber weapons.

BAE Sys­tems has sup­plied more than 13,000 TIM 1500 ther­mal imagers to the U.S. Army.

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