“Hit the Bull’s Eye!”: Korean and U.S. Army conduct joint tactical drill

The 7th Army Artillery Brigade confirmed its shooting capabilities through Korea-U.S. joint tactical exercise. The Brigade conducted a realistic artillery exercise in a training field in Gangwon Province from 30 April to 2 May commanding the ROK-U.S. combined artillery battalions.

The 7th Army Artillery Brigade’s Artillery Battalion soldiers carry out a shooting exercise using live ammunition with a K-9 self-propelled gun during a Korea-U.S. joint tactical exercise. Provided by the unit
Source: MND, Republic of Korea

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The Korean brigade checked counter-fire warfare capabilities in tandem with counter-battery detection radar of the U.S. artillery battalion. The former unit carried out a live artillery drill in preparation for emergencies complying with the request of a U.S. observation team to shoot in order to maximize combined operations capabilities military.

This joint drill seemed to be eventually arranged thanks to the firm ties and cooperative relationship that the Korean battalion has established through close cooperation with the U.S. unit since 2005.

For example, the two sides have built a long-term trust relationship with each other through bilateral researches on tactical system, steady reciprocal visits and goodwill activities like inter-unit athletic meets.

What was specially noteworthy about this exercise was that it was that the two units have systematically prepared for the drill by jointly reconnoitering the topographical features of the land three times and by having several tactical discussions since this January to make the drill realistic.

“I love Korea more than anyone else. I hope this exercise will make the alliance between the two countries far more cemented,” said the commander of the U.S. 15th Artillery Battalion who participated in the drill. “This artillery exercise combined with the best self-propelled artillery battalion in the world drill was a special memory I’ll never forget.”

The Korean artillery brigade is scheduled to conduct another combined tactical exercise from May 21 to 24 that its component battalion and the U.S. 2nd Infantry Division’s 210th Fires Brigade participate in.

Ministry of National Defense[MND], Republic of Korea