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A rapidly changing security political situation in the world is the challenge for countries, politics, and the world population. But also the industry and the service providers have an increasing demand for information.

To meet this increasing demand joined forces with an important, strategic acting global partner “Strategic Defence Intelligence” or better known as “ICD Research”.


Strategic Defence Intelligence is the research and business information arm of Progressive Digital Media Group. Strategic Defence Intelligence provides industry-leading market research and business information. Experienced and motivated researchers, analysts and journalists track the markets to provide you with comprehensive reports.

In the course of this partnership is able to provide you with detailed reports about security, countries and the defense sector. Use this knowledge advantage!

Here are some examples what you can find on – Studies:

Armored Vehicles

  • Main Battle Tanks
  • Armored Personnel Carriers


  • UAV market
  • Military aircraft market

Defense Expenditures

  • Homeland Security Expenditure in China
  • Defense Expenditure in Germany

Defense Industry Forecasts

  • Overview of the German defense industry
  • Overview of the US defense industry
  • Overview of the Israeli defense industry
  • Overview of the Chinese defense industry
  • Overview of the Indian defense industry


  • Submarines in Asia-Pacific
  • Global Naval Vessels and Surface Combatants market


  • Global Cyber Warfare market
  • Global C2/C4ISR market
  • Defense US Top 10: Company Guide