Future Land Forces 2012

The appli­ca­tion of C4ISR and mech­a­nised forces tech­nol­o­gy for Asian armies

Clar­i­on Events to host a C4ISR and mech­a­nised land force-focused con­fer­ence, bring­ing togeth­er senior mil­i­tary and indus­try per­son­nel explor­ing solu­tions for armed forces mod­erni­sa­tion in South­east Asia

Sin­ga­pore, Jan­u­ary 30 – The upward trend of armies in Asia digi­tis­ing can be linked to the over­all mod­erni­sa­tion of armed forces. C4ISR tech­nolo­gies and equip­ment have proven to be the key for armies who are in the midst of trans­form­ing them­selves to meet their long term capa­bil­i­ty plans for estab­lish­ing future force struc­tures. Estab­lish­ing the frame­work for a mature C4ISR capa­bil­i­ty allows for armies in the region to reach a more effec­tive warfight­ing capa­bil­i­ty and improved com­bat readi­ness.

Fur­ther to this, there has been an increase in spend for armour and infantry forces, with key units respon­si­ble for armoured vehi­cles and sol­dier equip­ment get­ting the increased fund­ing for their require­ments. The equip­ment for these mech­a­nised forces have seen over $4.4bn was made avail­able in 2011; this is expect­ed to reach $5.4 bil­lion by 2021.

For mech­a­nised force pro­cure­ment, the Malaysian Min­istry of Defence is plan­ning to pur­chase 32 Anoa armoured vehi­cles from the Indone­sian defence indus­try, Indone­sian Defence Min­is­ter Purnomo Yus­giantoro has said. The Detik.com news por­tal quot­ed the min­is­ter as say­ing, “The sale of 32 armoured vehi­cles has been con­duct­ed. The con­tract had already been set.” Accord­ing to ear­li­er media reports, the Malaysian order was worth $80m. The Anoa armoured vehi­cle is fit­ted with 320hp 7,000cc engines man­u­fac­tured by Mer­cedes Benz and Renault. The Indone­sian vehi­cle is also used by UN peace­keep­ing forces that are deployed in sev­er­al con­flict areas.

When it comes to C4ISR require­ments, the Malaysian Min­istry of Defence is plan­ning to build a head­quar­ters for the Malaysian Armed Forces Joint Force. It will con­duct all joint oper­a­tions both in-coun­try and over­seas. The major­i­ty of the equip­ment to be pro­cured will be C4ISR, giv­ing the MAF an enhanced C2 capa­bil­i­ty and a secure com­mu­ni­ca­tions net­work. The Roy­al Malaysian Sig­nals reg­i­ment is cur­rent­ly under­way with its Sol­dier Advanced Kom­bat Inte­grat­ed (SAKTI) which is the Army’s future sol­dier com­bat sys­tem, ful­ly inte­grat­ed with a C4ISR suite. The Malaysian Army is look­ing to spend USD $2.49 bil­lion on new equip­ment in the com­ing years.

Else­where in the region, coun­tries like Thai­land, Indone­sia and the Philip­pines are now geared towards the devel­op­ment of their own C2 and C4ISR capa­bil­i­ties. Region­al armies are look­ing to ensure that their ground forces can com­mu­ni­cate and inte­grate bet­ter with some of the new­er equip­ment they are already procur­ing. Addi­tion­al­ly there has been an increase in efforts to inte­grate infantry and armour units to estab­lish a mech­a­nised force with dif­fer­ent units work­ing togeth­er effec­tive­ly to max­imise C4ISR tech­nolo­gies. Armour and infantry inte­gra­tion has tak­en a pri­ma­cy in the doc­tri­nal devel­op­ments of armies in Asia because they see it as an essen­tial­ly force mul­ti­pli­er for this type of oper­at­ing envi­ron­ment and ter­rain.

With that in mind, the time is right for a con­fer­ence cov­er­ing the C4ISR ele­ment of ground forces as part of the larg­er mod­erni­sa­tion effort by South­east Asian armies. Clar­i­on Events is host­ing Future Land Forces on the 10 — 11 July 2012. The con­fer­ence will have 2 tracks. The C4ISR track will dis­cuss how the army is imple­ment­ing C2 and ISR tech­nolo­gies to deliv­er a clear­er pic­ture of the bat­tle­field. It will cov­er the tra­di­tion­al and non-tra­di­tion­al use of cur­rent and emerg­ing com­mu­ni­ca­tion suites, tech­nolo­gies and iden­ti­fy which solu­tion best suits Asian armies. The mech­a­nised force track will cov­er the use of C4ISR as the link­ing thread for armour and infantry force inte­gra­tion while cov­er­ing key tech­nolo­gies like sur­viv­abil­i­ty as well. Look­ing at cost effec­tive test­ed and trust­ed tech­nol­o­gy, Future Land Forces will give mil­i­tary del­e­gates a com­plete pic­ture of the sys­tems required to gain increased bat­tle­space aware­ness and how to best utilise the infor­ma­tion the dig­i­tal bat­tle­space pro­vides.

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