Future Land Forces 2012

The application of C4ISR and mechanised forces technology for Asian armies

Clarion Events to host a C4ISR and mechanised land force-focused conference, bringing together senior military and industry personnel exploring solutions for armed forces modernisation in Southeast Asia

Singapore, January 30 – The upward trend of armies in Asia digitising can be linked to the overall modernisation of armed forces. C4ISR technologies and equipment have proven to be the key for armies who are in the midst of transforming themselves to meet their long term capability plans for establishing future force structures. Establishing the framework for a mature C4ISR capability allows for armies in the region to reach a more effective warfighting capability and improved combat readiness.

Further to this, there has been an increase in spend for armour and infantry forces, with key units responsible for armoured vehicles and soldier equipment getting the increased funding for their requirements. The equipment for these mechanised forces have seen over $4.4bn was made available in 2011; this is expected to reach $5.4 billion by 2021.

For mechanised force procurement, the Malaysian Ministry of Defence is planning to purchase 32 Anoa armoured vehicles from the Indonesian defence industry, Indonesian Defence Minister Purnomo Yusgiantoro has said. The Detik.com news portal quoted the minister as saying, „The sale of 32 armoured vehicles has been conducted. The contract had already been set.“ According to earlier media reports, the Malaysian order was worth $80m. The Anoa armoured vehicle is fitted with 320hp 7,000cc engines manufactured by Mercedes Benz and Renault. The Indonesian vehicle is also used by UN peacekeeping forces that are deployed in several conflict areas.

When it comes to C4ISR requirements, the Malaysian Ministry of Defence is planning to build a headquarters for the Malaysian Armed Forces Joint Force. It will conduct all joint operations both in-country and overseas. The majority of the equipment to be procured will be C4ISR, giving the MAF an enhanced C2 capability and a secure communications network. The Royal Malaysian Signals regiment is currently underway with its Soldier Advanced Kombat Integrated (SAKTI) which is the Army’s future soldier combat system, fully integrated with a C4ISR suite. The Malaysian Army is looking to spend USD $2.49 billion on new equipment in the coming years.

Elsewhere in the region, countries like Thailand, Indonesia and the Philippines are now geared towards the development of their own C2 and C4ISR capabilities. Regional armies are looking to ensure that their ground forces can communicate and integrate better with some of the newer equipment they are already procuring. Additionally there has been an increase in efforts to integrate infantry and armour units to establish a mechanised force with different units working together effectively to maximise C4ISR technologies. Armour and infantry integration has taken a primacy in the doctrinal developments of armies in Asia because they see it as an essentially force multiplier for this type of operating environment and terrain.

With that in mind, the time is right for a conference covering the C4ISR element of ground forces as part of the larger modernisation effort by Southeast Asian armies. Clarion Events is hosting Future Land Forces on the 10 – 11 July 2012. The conference will have 2 tracks. The C4ISR track will discuss how the army is implementing C2 and ISR technologies to deliver a clearer picture of the battlefield. It will cover the traditional and non-traditional use of current and emerging communication suites, technologies and identify which solution best suits Asian armies. The mechanised force track will cover the use of C4ISR as the linking thread for armour and infantry force integration while covering key technologies like survivability as well. Looking at cost effective tested and trusted technology, Future Land Forces will give military delegates a complete picture of the systems required to gain increased battlespace awareness and how to best utilise the information the digital battlespace provides.

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