Future Artillery – Event announcement by Defence iQ

Future Artillery: Balancing Future Artillery Effectiveness with Affordability to Drive Forward Indirect Firepower on the Battlefield of Today and Tomorrow

Future Artillery, taking place 23rd – 25th March 2011 at Olympia Conference Centre, London, will gather together the world’s leading artillery experts including representatives from the UK Royal Artillery, US Army, US Marine Corps, Canadian Armed Forces and the Brazilian Army to share knowledge about the latest lessons emerging from Afghanistan, such as equipment feedback on GMLRS, Excalibur, M777, PZH2000 and the CARDOM Mobile Mortar System, alongside with discussion about different indirect-fire capabilities forward on an ever-decreasing budget.

In addition to presentations and networking sessions, there are two brand new focus days on Precision Ammunition and ISTAR, looking at US developments of precision capabilities and key ISTAR programmes (including the UK Watchkeeper Tactical UAV) respectively.

View the agenda at www.future-artillery.com.

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