Kauf von Hawk Mk 66 jets, Vorver­trag — Pur­chase of Hawk Mk 66 jets, pre­lim­i­nary con­tract

The min­istry of Defence has signed a let­ter of intent to acquire 18 Hawk jets for train­ing pur­pos­es. The jets are at the moment owned by the Swiss Air Force. The pro­cure­ment also includes spares, gear for main­te­nance and oth­er equip­ment as well.

The mil­i­tary has cal­cu­lat­ed that the planes would last at least 15 years in ser­vice, because only 17 % of the jets over­all flight time has been used by the Swiss Air Force. The price of the pur­chase is the same as it would be for two new sim­i­lar jets. With this pur­chase the renew­al of the Hawk fleet can be extend­ed by approx­i­mate­ly 10 years until 2025–2027.

Hawk jets are used for pilot train­ing. The Air Force has used Hawk jets since 1980, and is now in pos­ses­sion of 49 Hawk jets.

Text- / Bildquelle (source): Min­istry of Defence

Ansprech­part­ner / con­tact:
Min­is­ter of Defence
Aide-de-Camp Kar­ri Heik­in­heimo
(+358 40 5010108)

Infor­ma­tion about the con­tract and tech­ni­cal details:
Direc­tor-Gen­er­al Eero Lavo­nen at the Min­istry of Defence
(tel. +358 9 160 88207)
or Com­man­der of the Air Force
Heik­ki Lyyti­nen
(tel. +358 14 181 0111)