Kauf von Hawk Mk 66 jets, Vorvertrag – Purchase of Hawk Mk 66 jets, preliminary contract

The ministry of Defence has signed a letter of intent to acquire 18 Hawk jets for training purposes. The jets are at the moment owned by the Swiss Air Force. The procurement also includes spares, gear for maintenance and other equipment as well.

The military has calculated that the planes would last at least 15 years in service, because only 17 % of the jets overall flight time has been used by the Swiss Air Force. The price of the purchase is the same as it would be for two new similar jets. With this purchase the renewal of the Hawk fleet can be extended by approximately 10 years until 2025-2027.

Hawk jets are used for pilot training. The Air Force has used Hawk jets since 1980, and is now in possession of 49 Hawk jets.

Text- / Bildquelle (source): Ministry of Defence

Ansprechpartner / contact:
Minister of Defence
Aide-de-Camp Karri Heikinheimo
(+358 40 5010108)

Information about the contract and technical details:
Director-General Eero Lavonen at the Ministry of Defence
(tel. +358 9 160 88207)
or Commander of the Air Force
Heikki Lyytinen
(tel. +358 14 181 0111)