Event – Airborne Counter-Insurgency 2010 by Defence IQ

alt Inaugural Conference on the role of Airpower in COIN and Irregular Warfare

Airborne Counter-Insurgency: Why Now?
In response to the demand from stakeholders and influencers in COIN doctrine and planning, as well as Air Power operations, procurement and strategy, the Airborne Counter-Insurgency conference is designed as a forum at which ideas, challenges and solutions can be exchanged in the highly significant field of air based platforms and irregular warfare.

Key highlights of the programme to benefit you:

  • Case study from the Swedish Air Force explaining how countries construct a comprehensive airborne COIN capability by modifying, adapting and utilising existing UAV, Fixed-Wing and Rotor-Wing platforms, allowing you to benchmark with counterparts and evaluate requirements

  • Take the opportunity to learn about how the new RAF single service AP3000 doctrine maps out the current and future role of UK air based platforms and assets for the specific challenges of COIN, providing you with the latest vision for future UK requirements and the scope to gauge how to best provide solutions for this challenge

  • Hear the US Army/US Marine Corps COIN Centre’s updated analysis of the evolving role of airpower in ISAF operations and advance your understanding of how Airborne COIN doctrine develops in response to changes on the ground, giving you a unique opportunity to analyse what is driving new Airborne COIN requirements

  • Learn about the necessity of training and resourcing partner nations with dedicated light strike aircraft from the subject matter expert responsible for devising the air component of the US Army/USMC COIN Field Manual, allowing you to evaluate the long-term procurement plans that small emerging air forces will require in order to maximise their COIN capability

Where and when?
From Tuesday, November 30 2010
To Wednesday, December 01 2010

Location : CCT Smithfield, London, UK
Contact : http://bit.ly/AirborneCouterInsurgencyGD