Event — Air Tankers and Aerial Refuelling 2011 by IQPC

Air Tankers and Aer­i­al Refu­elling: Devel­op­ing the next gen­er­a­tion of cost effec­tive AAR capa­bil­i­ty

alt The Air Tankers and Aer­i­al Refu­elling 2011 con­fer­ence will

  • Dis­cuss how to main­tain and improve exist­ing AAR capa­bil­i­ties with­out procur­ing new air­frames
  • Under­stand cur­rent work being done to pro­mote inter­op­er­abil­i­ty between allied AAR assets
  • Analyse the oper­a­tional expe­ri­ences of oth­er armed forces, and apply the lessons to your own air force
  • Assess the impact Mul­ti-Role Tanker Trans­port air­craft have had on air force oper­a­tions

Aer­i­al tankers con­tin­ue to play a vital role in pro­ject­ing air pow­er around the globe; how­ev­er bud­get cut backs risk pro­duc­ing a capa­bil­i­ty short­fall. With tankers being amongst the old­est air­craft still in reg­u­lar use, what is the most cost effec­tive way of improv­ing and main­tain­ing cur­rent AAR capa­bil­i­ties?

Air Tankers and Aer­i­al Refu­elling 2011 is the only ded­i­cat­ed refu­elling event in Europe, designed to assess and address the chal­lenges fac­ing the AAR com­mu­ni­ty. The event will pro­vide a forum for mil­i­tary oper­a­tors, gov­ern­ment deci­sion mak­ers and lead­ers of indus­try to dis­cuss the lat­est devel­op­ments in the field of air to air refu­elling. Case stud­ies and expert analy­sis will be pro­vid­ed by air forces and defence organ­i­sa­tions from around the world, focus­ing on three cen­tral themes: air­frame pro­cure­ment and upgrade pro­grammes, asset shar­ing and tech­ni­cal clear­ance issues, and emerg­ing require­ments from oper­a­tional expe­ri­ences

Con­tact: http://bit.ly/AirTankersgd