Event – Air Tankers and Aerial Refuelling 2011 by IQPC

Air Tankers and Aerial Refuelling: Developing the next generation of cost effective AAR capability

alt The Air Tankers and Aerial Refuelling 2011 conference will

  • Discuss how to maintain and improve existing AAR capabilities without procuring new airframes
  • Understand current work being done to promote interoperability between allied AAR assets
  • Analyse the operational experiences of other armed forces, and apply the lessons to your own air force
  • Assess the impact Multi-Role Tanker Transport aircraft have had on air force operations

Aerial tankers continue to play a vital role in projecting air power around the globe; however budget cut backs risk producing a capability shortfall. With tankers being amongst the oldest aircraft still in regular use, what is the most cost effective way of improving and maintaining current AAR capabilities?

Air Tankers and Aerial Refuelling 2011 is the only dedicated refuelling event in Europe, designed to assess and address the challenges facing the AAR community. The event will provide a forum for military operators, government decision makers and leaders of industry to discuss the latest developments in the field of air to air refuelling. Case studies and expert analysis will be provided by air forces and defence organisations from around the world, focusing on three central themes: airframe procurement and upgrade programmes, asset sharing and technical clearance issues, and emerging requirements from operational experiences

Contact: http://bit.ly/AirTankersgd