EUPOL Afghanistan helps Afghan police to train their leadership

The European Union Police mission in Afghanistan (EUPOL) and the international community are involved in the reform and training of the Afghan national police, and cooperate closely towards the transition of security responsibilities from international forces to the Afghans. EUPOL is now intensifying its work in this area by taking the lead on a project to train the leadership of the Afghan police in the Kabul staff College.

The new staff College will provide continuous and advanced training for Afghan police commanders. The finalisation of the building, which is funded through the European Commission Instrument for stability is foreseen for late 2011. Leadership courses have already started in a provisional location. Furthermore EUPOL will advise the Afghans in the setting-up of the College and will help develop curricula. EUPOL is also engaged in the establishment of a regional training centre in Bamyan, which will have a significant component for female Afghan police officers.

EUPOL will co-operate closely with other actors, such as the NATO training mission – Afghanistan and the German police project team. While NATO has resources to provide basic police training on a large scale, EUPOL’s focus is to train and advise the leadership of the police.

A new call for contribution was launched on 26 October. Out of 134 positions published, 24 newly created positions are open for experienced and well-qualified police training experts to support the staff College and the Bamyan regional training centre.

“The EU, NATO and other international partners are seizing the moment and making best use of their respective skills in order to establish a more professional Afghan police.

EUPOL is bringing its specific senior policing expertise to the table and is contributing to the transition strategy of the international community. I call upon all contributing states to send high-calibre police experts to make EUPOL’s activities, including the staff College in Kabul and the Bamyan training centre, a success“ stated the Civilian Operation Commander, Ambassador Kees Klompenhouwer today in Brussels.

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