Council conclusions on the Republic of Moldova: restrictive measures against the leadership of the Moldavian region of Transnistria

The Council adopted the following conclusions:

“1. The Council welcomes the cautious positive developments in the Transnistrian settlement process in recent months. It notes in particular an increased openness of the new government of the Republic of Moldova and the de facto Transnistrian leadership to engage in dialogue. The Council also welcomes the Moldovan government’s efforts to address the Transnistrian issue, its expression of a firm commitment to the 5+2 process and its support of confidencebuilding measures.

2. At the same time, the Council regrets the fact that no substantial progress has been made towards a political settlement of the Transnistrian conflict; that the situation of some Latinscript Moldovan schools in the Transnistrian region remains problematic and that the de facto Transnistrian authorities continue to place obstacles on the free movement of persons.

3. The Council has therefore decided to extend the restrictive measures (provided for by Common Position 2008/160/CFSP and extended by Common Position 2009/139/CFSP) against certain members of the de facto Transnistrian authorities for a further period of 12 months. However, in order to encourage progress, the Council has decided at the same time to suspend the implementation of the restrictive measures until the end of September 2010. The Council has also decided that it is appropriate to delete 3 names from the list of targeted persons.The Council calls on the de facto Transnistrian authorities strongly to engage in constructive efforts to reach a political settlement to the Transnistrian conflict, to address the remaining problems of the Latin-script schools, and to restore free movement of persons. By the end of September 2010, the Council will review the suspension of the restrictive measures and the visa ban list in the light of the developments, notably in the areas mentioned above. The Council may decide to re-apply or lift the travel restrictions at any time.

4. The Council reaffirms the commitment of the European Union to the Transnistrian settlement efforts, notably by participation in the 5+2 process and by supporting confidence-building measures. The Council recalls the importance of resuming the 5+2 talks as soon as possible in order to achieve a sustainable settlement to the Transnistrian conflict, in full respect of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Moldova.

5. The Council reaffirms its firm commitment to continue strengthening the political association and economic integration of the Republic of Moldova with the EU. In this context, the Council recalls the joint statement of the Cooperation Council between the EU and the Republic of Moldova on 21 December 2009, and welcomes the start of negotiations on an Association Agreement on 12 January 2010.”

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