EU/Kroatien – Tenth meeting of the Accession Conference at Deputy level with Croatia

Brussels, 19 April 2010
The tenth meeting of the Accession Conference with Croatia at Deputy level was held today in Brussels, following the start of negotiations on 3 October 2005. Based on the positions of the Parties, the Conference was able to provisionally close Chapter 1 – Free movement of goods, which is key for the internal market, to bring down barriers, to create more jobs and increase overall prosperity.

The negotiations on Chapter 1 – Free movement of goods were opened on 25 July 2008 at an Accession Conference at Deputy level. At this meeting of the Conference the EU noted that, in order for the chapter to be provisionally closed, Croatia would have, inter alia, to transpose the relevant aquis into Croatian law, in particular on the community code relating to medicinal products for human use as well as on the pricing and reimbursement of pharmaceutical products, and to demonstrate that it has the adequate administrative capacity to properly implement and enforce the legislation in all horizontal areas affecting the free movement of goods.

The EU and Croatia also considered proposals for transitional arrangements concerning the community code relating to medicinal products for human use, as amended, in relation to the upgrading of marketing authorisations and documentation for medicinal products registered in Croatia.

Today, on the basis of the information provided by Croatia and the considerable progress made in preparations in all areas under this chapter, the EU noted that the requirements of the closing benchmarks are considered fulfilled and that, at this stage, this chapter does not require further negotiations.

The European Union also underlined that it would devote particular attention to monitoring all specific issues mentioned in its common position with a view to ensuring Croatia’s administrative capacity to implement the legislation in the field of free movement of goods.

The EU will, if necessary, return to this chapter at an appropriate moment.


Since the start of the negotiations, thirty chapters have been opened, of which eighteen have been provisionally closed. Further Accession Conferences will be planned, as appropriate, in order to take the process forward.

Council of the European Union