EU implements international restrictive measures against Eritrea

The Council today adopted a decision1 (5534/10) imposing restrictive measures against Eritrea in line with the United Nations Security Council resolution (UNSCR) 1907 (2009). The restrictive measures consist of an arms embargo, as well as travel restrictions and a freeze of assets against persons and entities designated by the UN sanctions committee2 as:

  • having acted in violation of the arms embargo;
  • providing support from Eritrea to armed opposition groups which aim to destabilise the region;
  • obstructing implementation of UNSCR 1862 (2009) concerning the border dispute between Djibouti and Eritrea;
  • harbouring, financing, facilitating, supporting, organising, training or inciting individuals or groups to perpetrate acts of violence or terrorist acts against other States or their citizens in the region;
  • obstructing the investigations or work of the monitoring group pursuant to UNSCR 1853 (2008) concerning the situation in Somalia.

1 The decision was taken without discussion at the Competitiveness Council meeting.
2 Sanctions committee established pursuant to UNSCR 751 (1992) and expanded by UNSCR 1844 (2008).

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