Council Conclusions on the mechanism on cooperation and verification for Bulgaria and Romania
2925th GE ERAL AFFAIRS Council meeting
Brussels, 23 February 2009

The Council adopted the following conclusions:
“ Reaffirming its earlier conclusions, in particular those of 15 September 2008, the Council welcomes the Interim reports from the Commission on Progress in Romania and Bulgaria under the Cooperation and Verification Mechanism and fully shares the analysis of the Commission contained therein. The Council notes the continued good level of co-operation of Bulgaria and Romania with the Commission and the other Member States.

Recalling the importance of the political will to take the necessary steps, the Council welcomes the reaffirmed commitment expressed by Bulgaria and Romania and acknowledges the efforts made by these two Member States to make the progress needed to meet the objectives set under the mechanism.

The Council encourages Bulgaria and Romania to intensify their efforts in the coming months by taking all necessary steps without delay, in particular with regard to areas highlighted in the conclusions of the Interim reports, in order to consolidate progress already made and calls upon them to achieve substantial and lasting results. In the light of the above, the Council looks forward to the Commission reports to be tabled in the summer 2009. The Council will continue to pay careful attention to developments in this area.“

Source: Council of the European Union