EU – Statement by High Representative Catherine Ashton on Kyrgyzstan

Catherine Ashton, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, expresses serious concern about the deteriorating security situation in some towns of Kyrgyzstan, which according to available information has again led to regrettable bloodshed.

HR Ashton said: „I call on all political actors within and outside the provisional government to refrain from violence and unlawful action in this difficult period in the interest of stability of the nation. I urge them to do everything to calm the situation and not to escalate it further by organizing shows of force, in particular during the present sensitive times after the April events.

I am convinced that, in the present situation, there is no alternative to the way chosen by the provisional government to return to full constitutional order in the country.“

HR Ashton calls on all political actors to concentrate their efforts to put a fully legitimate government in place, to finalise the draft constitution, bring it to popular vote in a referendum and, on its basis, hold fair and transparent elections, through which the Kyrgyz people will determine its new leadership.

The European Union stands ready to render its full support to the Kyrgyz Republic in this process.

Council of the European Union