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Seven suspected pirates captured and detained in Gulf of Aden by EU NAVFOR warship

Seven suspected pirates were captured today by the EU NAVFOR anti-piracy taskforce after a Greek bulk carrier was attacked by a skiff this morning in the Gulf of Aden. The suspects are currently being held on board the Swedish warship HMS MALMO.

The HMS MALMO pursued the skiff after picking up a distress call from the Greek vessel which was fired at by the pirates with small arms and rocket propelled grenades. The MALMO repelled the attack by firing warning shots and flares at the skiff and sending a vessel protection detachment to board it.

The detachment found weapons, global positioning satellite equipment, grappling hooks and barrels of fuel on board the skiff. The seven presumed pirates are currently being held on board the HMS MALMO for further investigation.

The Swedish frigate HMS MALMO joined Operation EU NAVFOR ATALANTA, the EU task force patrolling the Gulf of Aden and the Somali Basin, in mid May. Twelve ships and two Maritime Patrol Air Surveillance aircrafts are currently taking part in the Operation.

Source: EU Council