EU-LAC SUMMIT — Action Plan — Final Declaration

4. Migra­tion.

The main objec­tives in this field are:

i) to enhance bi-region­al coop­er­a­tion by iden­ti­fy­ing com­mon chal­lenges and oppor­tu­ni­ties that require com­mon solutions;

ii) to build a stronger evi­dence base for EU-LAC migra­tion, in order to bet­ter under­stand its realities;

iii) to address the pos­i­tive syn­er­gies between migra­tion and devel­op­ment, as well as address reg­u­lar and irreg­u­lar migra­tion and oth­er relat­ed issues;

iv) to pro­mote the full respect of human rights of migrants 

Work Pro­gramme:

* Dia­logue

a. Fur­ther strength­en and devel­op the Struc­tured and Com­pre­hen­sive Dia­logue on Migra­tion, includ­ing all issues agreed in the Lima Sum­mit, empha­siz­ing the issues list­ed in the June 30th 2009 doc­u­ment, “Basis for struc­tur­ing the EU-LAC Dia­logue on Migra­tion” and advance its implementation. 

*Coop­er­a­tion activ­i­ties and initiatives

b. Con­tin­ue coop­er­a­tion along the areas iden­ti­fied with­in the Basis doc­u­ment. c. Pro­mote coop­er­a­tion pro­grammes to com­bat and pre­vent traf­fick­ing and migrant smug­gling net­works and to assist the vic­tims, with spe­cial atten­tion to women and children.

d. Pro­mote tech­ni­cal coop­er­a­tion between EU and LAC coun­tries to exchange infor­ma­tion on migra­tion flows, as well as to sup­port improved poli­cies on migra­tion and devel­op­ment, amongst oth­er through a “Tar­get­ed Project” ded­i­cat­ed to strength­en­ing EU-LAC dia­logue and coop­er­a­tion, as well as spe­cif­ic activ­i­ties regard­ing the Caribbean countries.

e. Devel­op mea­sures to make the trans­fer of remit­tances cheap­er, safer, more trans­par­ent and more con­ducive to devel­op­ment, while ful­ly respect­ing their pri­vate nature.

f. Con­tin­ue intra and bi-region­al coop­er­a­tion in areas of edu­ca­tion and health of migrants, as well as on groups of migrants in sit­u­a­tion of vul­ner­a­bil­i­ty, espe­cial­ly women and children. 

Expect­ed results

g. Strength­en­ing the impact of the pos­i­tive link between migra­tion and devel­op­ment h. Pro­mot­ing full respect of human rights for all migrants and enhanc­ing coher­ence in the fight and pre­ven­tion of human traf­fick­ing and migrant smug­gling net­works, as well as in assist­ing vic­tims. Improved fight against xeno­pho­bia, racism and all forms of intolerance.

i. Increased mutu­al infor­ma­tion on migra­tion pol­i­cy devel­op­ments and best prac­tices in both regions, as well as improved knowl­edge and more accu­rate data on migra­tion flows between both regions.

j. Improved qual­i­fi­ca­tions and aware­ness on migra­tion issues of rel­e­vant officials;

k. Enhanced pos­i­tive syn­er­gies between migra­tion and devel­op­ment in coun­tries of ori­gin, tran­sit and des­ti­na­tion, includ­ing mea­sures mak­ing remit­tances cheap­er, safer, more trans­par­ent and more con­ducive to development;

l. Enhanced intra and bi-region­al coop­er­a­tion to improve the sit­u­a­tion of migrants in areas of edu­ca­tion and health, pro­tec­tion of vul­ner­a­ble groups, in par­tic­u­lar women and chil­dren as iden­ti­fied through the Dialogue.

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