EU Foreign Affairs Council – Discussions in particular about Gaza, Iran and the Western Balkans

Monday, 14 June in Luxembourg
Foreign ministers will meet at 11.00 on Monday morning to discuss external relations issues, focusing in particular on Gaza, Iran and the Western Balkans. They will be joined over lunch (starting at 13.30) by Serge Brammertz, ICTY Chief Prosecutor. They will also discuss piracy off the coasts of Somalia in the presence of Rear-Admiral Peter Hudson, the outgoing commander of operation EU NAVFOR Atalanta. The Council is also expected to discuss or adopt conclusions on other issues including Cuba, Georgia, Sudan as well as child labour

The Foreign Affairs ministers‘ meeting will be preceded by a meeting of development ministers, beginning at 8.30 on Monday morning, to discuss the Millennium Development Goals as well as gender equality and development.

A press conference by HR Ashton will be held after the working lunch. Commissioner Piebalgs is expected to brief the press on development issues at +/-11.00.

Meetings on the sidelines of the Council
Monday, 14 June 2010

  • EU-Gulf Cooperation Council meeting
  • EU-Montenegro Association Council meeting

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

  • EU-ECOWAS ministerial meeting
  • EU-Algeria Cooperation Council meeting
  • EU-Lebanon Association Council meeting
  • EU-Ukraine Cooperation Council meeting
  • EU- Republic of Moldova Cooperation Council meeting.