EU Council reinforces restrictive measures concerning Iran

Given the EU’s increasing concerns over the Iranian nuclear programme and the lack of progress in diplomatic efforts, the Council has today strengthened the EU restrictive measures against that country.

The Council added 143 entities and 37 persons to the list of those subject to a freeze of their assets and economic resources in the EU and to a ban from entering the Union.

The measures target entities and individuals directly involved in Iran’s nuclear activities, which are in violation of UN Security Council resolutions; entities and individuals owned, controlled or acting on behalf of the Islamic Republic of Iran Shipping Line; and members of as well as entities controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps.

Today’s measures come in addition to already existing EU restrictive measures, adopted in response to concerns about Iran’s proliferation-sensitive nuclear activities.

The decisions taken by the Council today, together with the list of designated entities and individuals, will be published in the EU Official Journal of 2 December 2011.

Council of the European Union

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