EU – Council conclusions on Kyrgyzstan 3029th FOREIGN AFFAIRS Council meeting

Brussels, 26 July 2010
The Council adopted the following conclusions:
„1. The Council welcomes the overall successful conduct of the Constitutional referendum in Kyrgyzstan, which is an important step in the ongoing process aiming at the establishment of a democratic institutional framework and the rule of law in the country. The Council invites the Kyrgyz authorities to fully implement the recommendations made by the OSCE/ODIHR in view of the parliamentary elections to take place in autumn. The EU continues to stand ready to assist Kyrgyzstan in this process.

2. In that context, the Council invites the Commission to continue providing assistance, including new assistance programmes, to the Kyrgyz authorities in the implementation of their reform programme and to contribute to sustainable economic and social development of the country. The Council welcomes the holding of the Development Forum (Donors’ Conference) to be organised by the World Bank on 27 of July in Bishkek.

3. The Council remains, nonetheless, concerned by the fragile security situation in the country and reports of continuing abuses against human rights defenders and persons belonging to the Uzbek minority. The Council urges the Kyrgyz authorities to take all possible measures to protect its population from discrimination and violence, to encourage inter-ethnic reconciliation, and to strictly uphold the rule of law and respect for human rights throughout the country. In this regard, the Council welcomes the recent agreement on principles and modalities for an OSCE Police Advisory Group that is to be sent to Kyrgyzstan.

4. The Council is concerned by the fate of returnees and internally displaced persons and calls on the Kyrgyz authorities, with the assistance of the international community, to address their needs, in particular those related to rehabilitation and reconstruction, and to ensure their protection. In this regard, the Council welcomes the humanitarian aid already being provided by the Commission, Member States and other international actors.

5. Establishing the facts behind the recent violent events in Southern Kyrgyzstan constitutes an essential prerequisite for ensuring accountability, peace and inter-ethnic reconciliation. The Council notes the initiative of the Kyrgyz leadership to conduct an enquiry into these events. The Council calls on the Kyrgyz authorities to ensure that the enquiry is conducted in an impartial, transparent and comprehensive manner, and in line with international standards. Furthermore, the EU stands ready to support the establishment of an independent international enquiry to complement the efforts of the Kyrgyz authorities, and which would enjoy full access to witnesses and material evidence in relation to the June events.

6. The EU will continue to follow the situation in Kyrgyzstan closely and to coordinate its actions with the OSCE, the UN and other relevant international organisations and actors.“

Council of the European Union

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