EU – Council conclusions on Iraq

3048th FOREIGN AFFAIRS Council meeting, Brussels, 22 November 2010
The Council adopted the following conclusions:
„The EU welcomes the agreement on the appointment of the Iraqi President, Prime Minister and Speaker with deputies on 11 November 2010. These encouraging first steps towards the formation of an inclusive new Government in Iraq following the elections on 7 March mark an important moment in the country’s ongoing democratic process.

The EU underlines the urgent need for a stable and representative government, which is able to rededicate itself to the pursuit of national reconciliation. Such a government will be vital to lead the country in dealing with all the challenges ahead, including tackling continuing violence in Iraq, responding to the aspirations of all Iraqis – regardless of creed or ethnicity – and respecting, protecting and promoting human rights, including those of persons belonging to minorities. The EU strongly encourages all political actors to participate constructively in the negotiations to form swiftly a new government. The EU looks forward to engaging with this new government as soon as it is in place.

The EU also wishes to express its deep concern and outright condemnation of the recent terrorist attacks in Iraq in which scores of innocent civilians lost their lives and hundreds were wounded. The attacks deliberately targeted locations where civilians congregate, including Christian and Muslim places of worship. The EU condemns all incitement to and acts of violence including those motivated by religious and ethnic hatred. The EU expresses confidence that the people of Iraq will remain steadfast in their continued rejection of efforts by extremists to spark sectarian tension.“

Council of the European Union

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