EU — Appointment of new Heads and Deputy Heads of EU Delegations

High Rep­re­sen­ta­tive Cather­ine Ash­ton appoints new Heads and Deputy Heads of EU Del­e­ga­tions under the 2010 rota­tion
Cather­ine Ash­ton, EU High Rep­re­sen­ta­tive for For­eign Affairs and Secu­ri­ty Policy/Commission Vice- Pres­i­dent has decid­ed to appoint 27 new Heads of EU Del­e­ga­tion and 1 Deputy Head of EU Del­e­ga­tion, sub­ject to the nec­es­sary require­ments.

The High Rep­re­sen­ta­tive said fol­low­ing her deci­sion:

“As promised to mem­ber states, the Euro­pean Par­lia­ment and EU cit­i­zens, I have appoint­ed the best peo­ple for the right jobs. I am extreme­ly pleased by the cal­i­bre of those who applied for the posts.

I have con­sis­tent­ly asked mem­ber states and the EU insti­tu­tions to put for­ward the bright­est and best that Europe has to offer and I hope this will con­tin­ue to be the case as we build the new Euro­pean Exter­nal Action Ser­vice, because EU cit­i­zens deserve to be rep­re­sent­ed by the best that Europe has to offer.

I am pleased that we have made a start to address the impor­tant issues of geo­graph­i­cal and gen­der bal­ance. These appoint­ments show an improve­ment in both, but there is more to do. I will be dis­cussing with mem­ber states how we can con­tin­ue to improve and achieve my ambi­tion of a ser­vice that is tru­ly rep­re­sen­ta­tive and appoint­ed on mer­it.”

The appoint­ments are part of the wider recruit­ment exer­cise for the future EEAS, includ­ing the recent­ly pub­lished top man­age­ment posi­tions, per­ma­nent chair of the Polit­i­cal and Secu­ri­ty Com­mit­tee and 80 polit­i­cal posts in del­e­ga­tions and oth­er vacant jobs in head­quar­ters.

HR Cather­ine Ash­ton is in the process of screen­ing the can­di­dates for the recent­ly pub­lished posts for an upgrad­ed Head of Del­e­ga­tion in Bosnia and Herze­gov­ina and the two Head of Del­e­ga­tion posts in Gene­va (WTO and UN).

As soon as the 2010 rota­tion exer­cise has been con­clud­ed, Cather­ine Ash­ton will start work on the 2011 rota­tion, which is expect­ed to include a com­pa­ra­ble num­ber of Head of Del­e­ga­tion posts as in 2010.


* All can­di­dates must under­go med­ical exam­i­na­tions and nec­es­sary pre-post­ing train­ing. Tem­po­rary agents are sub­ject to ver­i­fi­ca­tion of qual­i­fi­ca­tions and oth­er doc­u­ments. Accred­i­ta­tion requests for Heads of Del­e­ga­tion are sent to host coun­tries. The select­ed can­di­dates take up duty only once accred­i­ta­tion of the host coun­try has been grant­ed.

* Vygau­das Usackas was already appoint­ed in March as part of the 2010 rota­tion

Coun­cil of the Euro­pean Union

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