EU 3106th Council meeting on Lebanon

3106th Council meeting, Foreign Affairs
Brussels, 18 July 2011
1. „The EU welcomes the formation of a new government in Lebanon. It expects that the new government will ensure promotion of stability, unity, sovereignty and independence of Lebanon in full respect of the constitution and the rule of law. The EU trusts that the Lebanese government will give priority to strengthening the state’s authority. It encourages the new government to implement an ambitious agenda of much needed economic, social and political reforms.

2. The Council expects that the new Lebanese government will be committed to the full implementation of all relevant UNSC Resolutions, including 1559, 1680, 1701 and 1757.

3. Concerned by the absence of an explicit commitment to cooperate with the Special Tribunal for Lebanon in the Ministerial Declaration, the Council calls upon the new government to respect and fulfil all its international obligations and commitments stemming from UNSCR 1757. It reiterates EU’s full support to the Special Tribunal, an independent court, established by the UNSC Resolution 1757 and following the highest judicial standards. The Council expects all parties to fully cooperate with the Tribunal. It further calls on all Lebanese actors to act constructively and continue to show restraint.

4. Bearing this in mind, the EU attaches great importance to the partnership between the European Union and Lebanon. As Lebanon achieves sustainable progress towards reforms, in particular in strengthening democracy, rule of law, inclusive economic development and reducing social inequalities, the EU is prepared to match this with increased support, as foreseen in the framework of the new European Neighbourhood Policy.“

Council of the European Union

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