The last Estonian recce platoon completed service in Kosovo

09-02-2010 – Yesterday the ceremonial lowering of the Estonian flag took place at the Camp Olaf Rye in Mitrovica, which meant the completion of the mission of Estrif-6 recce platoon in Kosovo.

„The mission in Kosovo, which had been lasted for ten years, has been completed. Estonia with the other members has made a great contribution to it in order to provide security in the world, and as a result the presence of foreign defence forces has been partly reduced, and military support has been gradually replaced with civil contribution,“ said the Minister of Defence Jaak Aaviksoo at the ceremony.

„The mission in Kosovo shows the efficiency of the activity of NATO and a success of Estonia in provision of security“, Aaviksoo added.

Also, the Minister of Defence and the Commander of National Defence League Lieutenant Colonel Raivo Lumiste awarded the medals for participation in international military operations to the members of Estrif-6.

Estonia will continue participation in KFOR with a couple of staff officers. The Estonian Defence Forces have been participating in the mission of Kosovo since the end of 1999.

Yesterday morning the Minister of Defence met with the Commander of KFOR Lieutenant General Markus Bentler in Pristina. Also the Aaviksoo and Lieutenant Colonel Lumiste dined with Estonians working for the European Union’s EULEX mission.

Today Aaviksoo met with the EULEX management staff and also with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and the Minister of Security Forces of Kosovo.

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