ECCO – First Offset Club for Europe

History was made in Paris when the first European association for countertrade and Offset was established. The European Club for Countertrade and Offset (ECCO) kicked off its activities with 51 companies and individuals already registered as members. The next ordinary general meeting of ECCO is on 14 and 15 June.

ECCO is an Association incorporated under French law and was established in July 2010 with the aim to bring together parties involved in Offset, Industrial Participation, or countertrade – including defence and civil contracts. During the past 18 months various players and experts in the European defence arena worked together to establish the necessary legal and administrative structure for the Club to start its operations.

ECCO has three main activities linked to Offset and associated issues:
• establishing a common platform for parties involved in Offset
• creating a forum where relevant issues can be discussed
• offering relevant training to its members to increase the awareness of the challenges encountered in the profession
• sharing information on Offset, countertrade and international trade.

Christian Sylvain from AREVA was appointed as the chairman of ECCO. Other Board members include: Ove Sindre Lied, Kongsberg; Guy Frémond, MBDA; Colin Heritage, Stemcor Trade Finance Limited; Lee Furter, RUAG; Alain Fernandez, Thales International Offset; Jacques Chahal-Purewal, Epicos; Sonia Méhaignoul, FN Herstal; Bertrand Loubert and Jean-Marie Aoust.

ECCO aims to create a discussion forum where the conditions and prerequisites of Offset can be debated, and to stimulate relevant discussion through the scheduling of regular meetings, distributing reliable information to its members. Other aims include:
– to train member companies on Offset-related issues, focusing on international trade
– in general, taking all necessary and appropriate action to encourage the development of Offset skills.

ECCO will only interact with government authorities and/or entities to the extent necessary to exchange information regarding current Offset policies. It shall not take any action that could directly or indirectly encourage Offset, or countertrade demands from government authorities and/or entities, nor will it represent any individual, or group of members with respect to any business transaction, or in negotiations.

ECCO members include:
• Offset Obligors, for example legal entities whose main activities make them directly subject to Offset obligations as required by foreign governments • Offset service providers, for example natural persons, or legal entities whose main activities consist of proposing and implementing Offset projects on behalf of its clients and/or delivering services to companies, or obligors.

The current membership represents 15 countries with members being operational in the following industries: defence and security, transport (including aeronautics) and energy.

Members include:
Offset obligors:
AREVA, Dassault Aviation, DCNS, ELTA Sys Ltd, Eurocopter, FN Herstal, Jeumont Electric, Kongsberg, MBDA France, Nammo, Pilatus Aircraft Ltd, Rheinmetall, RUAG, SAAB, Safran Snecma, Safran-SSI, STX Finland, Thales International Offset.
Offset service providers:
ACL Wagner Gmbh, Alten SA, Apere, Baker & McKenzie, Blenheim, Citius International, Epicos, Essec Business School, Eurotradia International, Grefinter, IPA Network, Oneide Associes, PERA, Schoen Aerospace, Stemcor Trade Finance, Tricolom, Vitruve. ECCO also has a list of individual members.

ECCO scheduled information and discussion forums during the year, focusing on Offset in various regions. For further information, visit

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