EADS Defence & Security celebrates delivery of 300th right Eurofighter wing

  • 300th right wing will be integrated in a Eurofighter for the German Air Force
  • Delivery planned from Getafe to Manching/Germany for final assembly

A ceremony was held this Friday at EADS Defence & Security’s facilities in Getafe to celebrate the delivery of the 300th right Eurofighter wing, in which the workforce on the assembly line played a crucial part. This wing will be integrated in the twin-seat Eurofighter 021 destined for the German Air Force, which will be assembled at EADS Defence & Security’s facilities in Manching, Germany.

Enrique Barrientos, CEO Defence & Security Spain, commented: “The Eurofighter continues being the most important programme for the development of the technological capabilities of the Spanish aviation industry, and today we are celebrating a new milestone with the delivery of the 300th wing, which was produced on schedule using latest technologies.”

The Eurofighter’s wing is a multi-spar construction with integral fuel tanks. It has inboard and outboard flaperons along its entire length, slats on its leading edge, and the advanced Defensive Aids Subsystem (DASS) at its tip. The main landing gear attachment structure is located on both wings. The skins and spars are made of carbon-fibre composite (CFC) materials, with the spars co-bonded to the lower skins. The ribs are made of carbon fibre, aluminium and titanium. Titanium is also used for the wing-fuselage connections and outboard flaperons. The wings are assembled at EADS Defence & Security’s facilities in Getafe using an innovative concept. Ten successive steps have been designed and put in place for wing assembly in order to reach the production rate needed to fulfil the Eurofighter contract.

The Getafe facilities also house the final assembly line for all Spanish Air Force Eurofighters, production of which began in summer 2001. The Eurofighter programme has created 22,000 direct and indirect jobs for highly qualified employees in Spain.

Military Air Systems (MAS) is an integrated activity of EADS Defence & Security (DS). DS is a systems solutions provider for armed forces and civil security worldwide. Its portfolio ranges from sensors and secure networks through missiles to aircraft and UAVs as well as global security, service and support solutions. In 2009, DS – with around 21,000 employees – achieved revenues of € 5.4 billion. EADS is a global leader in aerospace, defence and related services. In 2009, EADS generated revenues of € 42.8 billion and employed a workforce of about 119,000.

Contact: Francisco-Javier Salido-Colodron Media Relations EADS Defence & Security Spain