Drastic improvement for Afghan Special Forces at Warrior Competition

The Afghan National Army Special Operations Command (ANASOC) team placed 14th out of 32 international teams during the 4th Annual Warrior Competition in Amman, Jordan, May 2-6.

Afghan National Army Special Operations Command (ANASOC) competition team competed in the 4th Annual Warrior Competition in Amman, Jordan May 2-6.
Source: NATO
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The competition was hosted to provide a global forum for the exchange of Special Operations Forces (SOF) and Counter Terrorism (CT) tactics and techniques, to network with international SOF and CT nations, test new equipment and practices, and engage in a challenging combat oriented competition.

Last year was the first time the Afghans participated and they were ranked last. This year’s team was made up of men from the ANA Commandos and Special Forces and their improvement can be attributed to weeks of training and mentoring from Canadian Special Operations Forces (CANSOF) advisors.

„Our feeling was that we were very proud, by bringing the Afghanistan Army, which is new, and participating against countries that have had a lot of time for training and development,” said Capt. Abdull Matin, team leader for the ANASOC team through an interpreter. „We are in the war zone right now but we were to participate in a hard competition against the best of the best; we succeeded against those teams and were proud to represent Afghanistan and accomplish our mission.”

The event was broken into a five day competition, which was comprised of 32 international teams from North America, Europe, Africa, and Asia. Throughout the competition, each team participated in basic and advanced precision rifle events, methods of entry, precision pistol, CT obstacle course, and a tower run.

„Obviously the competition played a significant role for us. We were able to learn from the experience and the new equipment. Also, we were able to learn and exchange experiences with all of the NATO countries. It meant so much for us to represent our country and show that we really could keep up with the rest of the countries,” said Matin.

The ANASOC team trained 52 days for the event with equipment that most of their competitors would consider basic and yet, they were able to place 14th out of the 32 teams. During their time training for the Warrior Competition, the team prepared for the competition with long runs, obstacle courses, timed and weighted pulls, and practicing 6 shooting stations across 4 firing ranges.

„The team of guys here is light years ahead of where your standard commando is with their individual skills,” said a CANSOF mentor. „If they carry on with this same type of training next year and continue to evolve and prepare for this, then there’s no reason they can’t be in the top 10, or better, top 5.”

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